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Why We Are Here

The dawn of a new era - Life’s All Here

In 2017 and 2018 a significant investment in time and people was made to create Vision 2022, a community-driven movement in Manitowoc County.  The goals were to ignite change, foster collaboration and establish a unified course for the future. 

Through the work of Vision 2022 (led by community leaders and involved citizens) and the Collaborative Branding Team (led by The Chamber - Manitowoc County) the need for a unified and new community brand and single information source was identified.  Thousands of  people were involved in this process.   We listened to input from over 3500 people and picked up where well-intentioned work left off.  

Life's ALL Here!  speaks with energy and inclusivity to the unique resources and opportunities that we have in Manitowoc County.  It is simple, convenient, comprehensive and available 24/7!

The site is built on powerful technology used by some of the top brands in the world. It adapts automatically to your computer, tablet or smart phone.  We work continuously on updates, interactivity and life information.  Why?  Because life here doesn’t stop happening.  Nor do you.  Nor do we.  


Give us your thoughts!  We promise to listen and continue to make this site better for you.  


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Manitowoc County is Our Home

We  hope everyone shares the excitement of our great community.   Play the short video to the right and feel free to share it with others.  We all work towards the same goal of making this a better place to live, work, learn and play. 

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We Need Your Help!

Support and collaboration take many forms.  You can do some simple things to boost our community:

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We are thrilled to be an active part of the community.  Read our story to learn more!

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Mary & Dean join host John Jagemann of After Further Review, to provide an update of the first month of the new website.
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Our January 2020 Appearance on Be My Guest

Special thanks to our great partner Seehafer Broadcasting for having us on the January 8th show.  We were thrilled to update the community on the progress of the site and also share the summary of the great things that happened in Manitowoc County in 2019.

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We are so grateful to our fabulous photography and video partners who provide exceptional, authentic images for We extend sincere appreciation to:  

Manitowoc Area Convention and Visitor Bureau

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This is only the beginning of true Manitowoc County engagement

We understand that it takes more than a website to bring the entire community together in a way that creates focus and shared dedication to growth.  We know that organizations and businesses have their own unique focus and strategic priorities to address.  The goal of is to create a set of resources that allows people to come together and share work, information and content in a way that benefits them individually and the community as a whole. is more than a website.  It is a technology powerhouse that offers deep tools and resources that can be extended to other groups in the community.  There is a reason that top national brands use this exact platform in their business -  IT WORKS!  The technology offers resources for:

  • Community Education & Content Management
  • Marketing Automation Tools & Resources
  • Incentive & Reward Systems

These resources can be extended in secured environments to governments, organizations and business to improve their business efficiency and effectiveness.  This can give small organizations access to big business resources.  It offers deeper resources to even the largest businesses in the area.  This is an exciting and unique tool for community development at the individual business level.  This has the potential to leapfrog our area and differentiate it from surrounding communities.  We are excited to bring these future opportunities to the area.

Stage 2 Activities

Manitowoc County Organizations

Our goal is to create a central resource center for organizations in the area to come together, collaborate, share content and extend their reach.  The site will allow Non-Profit Organizations to register on the site, which will create a login and special access for their group.  Once they have this registration they will be able to access a variety of resources that will grow with group discussions and input:

  • Central Respository for Photos and Media Content
    • Controlled Access & Shared Capabilities with Others
    • Potential for Shared Content with Businesses
  • Marketing Automation Tools
    • Customizable Print Forms
    • Email Campaigns & List Uploads
    • Social Media Campaigns & Tools
    • Recruiting & Member Development
  • Education Components
    • Online Training & Education
    • Badge & Certificate Registration
  • Collaborative Tools & Environment with Other Organizations

Our goal is to create a collaborative environment to help organizations grow and prosper and meet their future needs and those of the community.  We will work in partnership to develop new tools and resources.

Businesses in Manitowoc County

We want to be a partner in the future growth and success of this area.  That starts by having successful businesses of all kinds and sizes here that are competitive in their category.  We want to partner to create tools that can support businesses of all sizes and needs in a variety of ways:

  • Central Respository for Photos and Media Content Crossing Organizations and Business
    • Controlled Access & Shared Capabilities with Others
    • Use of Common Resources in Recruiting & Retention
  • Marketing Automation Tools for Rention & Recruiting
    • Customizable Print Forms
    • Email Campaigns & List Uploads
    • Social Media Campaigns & Tools
    • Recruiting & Member Development
  • Education Components - Customizable
    • Online Training & Education
    • Badge & Certificate Registration
  • Collaborative Tools & Evironment with Other Businesses and Organizations

Our unique platform structure allows us to extend any tool or capability of the platform to individual businesses in a secured and controlled environment that they set.  This can give community businesses access to powerful tools to grow their future.

This site is owned and operated by CEDAR Collaborative, LLC.

CEDAR is a local organization focused on commmunity growth and vitality through engagement, development and advancement resources from our team of innovative, expert consultants.

We specialize in building strong communities of the future, now.  

The Challenge

Community change is occurring at incredible speed

The Solution

Fresh thinking and a different approach


Solid, proven leadership for results



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